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Pastor Tim L. Heath

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Situations when you ought to hold your tongue:

1) When you are tempted to judge or criticize anyone.

2) When you want to complain about the weather, the traffic, your spouse, your Pastor, the President, your teacher, your boss, your kids, your parents, just about anything. God rarely uses griping and complaining to accomplish His will.

3) When you have information that makes someone look bad.

4) When you are tempted to say "I told you so!".

5) When you don’t know the whole story, and jump to conclusions.

6) When you have been or feel criticized. Lashing back never solves or heals the problem. A response may be called for but it is usually best not to give it in the heat of the moment.

7) When you are tempted to tell something about yourself for the purpose of impressing someone.

8) When a friend’s situation would make a great point in your conversation, but you don’t have their permission to share their story with others. Even if you don’t share their name, you are treading on thin ice.

9) When you are speaking out of anger, hurt, embarrassment, pride, or rejection. Getting something off your chest is often used as an excuse for gossip and slander.

10) When you find yourself talking to others about something you have not been willing to fast and pray about first.

Phillipians 4:8, "Finally Brothers, Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable– anything that is excellent, or praiseworthy, think on these things."

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